Equine Assisted Therapy




Equine Assisted Therapy can be an incredibly powerful way to ignite change. Stepping outside of the therapy room and into interaction with a 1000+ lb animal promotes growth in ways that are unparalleled by other modes of therapy.

Equine work can be used with individuals to address topics such as assertiveness, trust, emotion regulation, and mindfulness. With families and groups, it can be valuable to work on communication, leadership, teamwork, and emotional/physical safety.

Effective in treatment for eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, depression, social skills, relationship issues and many other challenges, some of the most impactful insight seems to happen in the stable instead of the office.

Sometimes the work with the horses is through directed activities that address specific topics while other times we are just enjoying being with them in the barn while talking through some of the tougher issues. Clients determine how best to utilize the horses and develop their own unique relationship with them.

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